Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nature's Garden of Crystals is a "GO".

Some of you have been wondering about Nature's Garden of Crystals: What is it about? When will I get to buy a copy? Good news! NGC has a full compliment of subscribers and will be printed before Tucson 2011. It is particularly gratifying to have so many European collections represented. There is still time for taking late subscriptions, but we are now in full steam ahead mode. Everyone who has submitted images has seen them in the initial layout and most have already reviewed their pages, but subscribers are busy getting more photos and thinking about what they will have for supporting text. I've been busy with all of the computer support issues so that the subscribers can focus on making a terrific presentation. You always hear this, but... I am very excited about this book as it is so full of content, not just pretty pictures - although most of the images are stunning beyond words. You can't have a better combination. Stay tuned.
Morganite and Kunzite, ~20 x 20 cm. Paprok, Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy Stuart Wilensky.