Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pre-Springfield Mineral Show Up-date

     Nature's Garden of Crystals continues to grow in strength. There are now 203 pages which are committed and Springfield and Denver will be the last two shows where new authors will be sought. Several chapters have completed layouts and several are in the works, while a few authors are using the summer to accumulate pictures. September and October will be busy, but the work is done as pictures come in. Changes as authors up-grade specimen images are usually made the same day received. The flavor of Nature's Garden of Crystals is particularly international and the authors are a Who's Who in minerals. Delivery of finished books is expected before Christmastime.
     The above photo of a Chinese axurite rose is an example of a change in the layout. This specimen's photo was submitted in April. The author had also obtained a multiple azurite rose which greatly surpassed this specimen in aesthetics. Recently, they submitted a new photo which was of the multiple azurite rose from the same locality. The replacement image is a high resolution photo that was sent as an attachment to an email and after downloading, the new photo was inserted into its proper place in only a few minutes and a new layout was immediately emailed to the author for their review. Remember to save your images as tif or raw format if that is an option with your camera.