Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sample Pages from Nature's Garden of Crystals

 Nature's Garden of Crystals is now ready for general distribution! Copies are $34.95 plus $5.95 shipping by media mail in the USA. Insurance optional for $2.10 Payments by PayPal, check, or cash. Credit Card payments may be made though PayPal to n e w r y q s @ g m a i l . c o m (no spaces).  New York addresses pay 8.5 % sales tax = $2.97 per copy. High postal rates to Europe and Canada are astonishing and a European distributor is being sought. U.S. mail is $26.95 to Canada and $43.15 to Europe. The book does weigh in at over 4 pounds, however. The following images are sample photos of the book. Be sure to see additional original images in the earlier blogs so you can see what the full resolution images look like.

Rhodochrosite, N'Chwanning in Keith and Mauna Proctor Chapter

Wulfenite from Red Cloud and Pyromorphite from La Farges in Scott Rudolph's chapter.

Pink hureaulite, black columbite, and transparent fluorapatite from Hagendorf in Stephan Wolfsried chapter

Silvers - Kongsberg (left) and China (right) in Val and Jeff Collins' chapter

Smithsonite, Kelly Mine and Morganite, Afghanistan from Mario Pauwels' Chapter

Tourmalines, Madagascar from Laurent Thomas' Chapter

Gold, California from Wayne and Dona Leicht's Chapter

Aquamarine, Pakistan from Brice and Christophe Gobin Chapter

Fluorites from Elmwood in Steve Neely's Chapter

Azurite/Malachite nodule, Morenci and Agate, Argentina in Russ Behnke's Chapter
Amethyst, Maine and Azurite/Malachite, China from Paradise Woods' Chapter
Garnets, Italy, from Mateo Chinellato's Chapter

Tourmaline, Afghanistan and Topaz, Brazil from Stuart and Donna Wilensky's Chapter.

Arrival of Nature's Garden of Crystals to Rochester, New York

Nature's Garden of Crystals is now available! A few books were available at the Tucson Show by special shipment from the printer. Those few books were sold out before the Convention opened. On March 31, 2011 the truck with the shipment arrived and two neighbors, Melvin Jr. and his son Melvin III, helped unload the shipment. I hope you enjoy the photo essay.
Melvin Jr. putting box on the chute to the basement.

Melvin III ready for next carton.
Melvin Jr. begins the first pallet.

I'm helping to unload.
Someone had a sense of humor.

All My Pallets by Calculon

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nature's Garden of Crystals has been printed!

Nature's Garden of Crystals is now a reality and will debut at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! The book is hardcover and in 8.5" x 11" (21.6 x 28 cm ) format. There are 424 full-color pages with about 700 mineral specimens illustrated. Most specimens are shown in full-page views with many of the species never before having been shown in such large size and such stunning detail. The contributors are mineral collectors and mineral dealers of international fame and the images are from a Who's Who of the great mineral photographers. In alphabetical order, the authors are: Russ Behnke, Matteo Chinellato, Jeff Collins, Val Collins, Brice Gobin, Christophe Gobin, Dona Leicht, Wayne Leicht, Steve Neely, Mario Pauwels, Keith proctor, Mauna Proctor, Scott Rudolph, Robert Snyder, Stephanie Snyder, Laurent Thomas, Donna Wilensky, Stuart Wilensky, Stephan Woldsfried, and Paradise Woods. Each chapter starts with a biographical or philosophical introduction about what influences a person to become a mineral collector or what minerals have the qualities that bring the most enjoyment. The following photo gallery pages are a visual treat of well-photographed mineral specimens by many of the world's best known mineral photographers. (Many images from the book are shown below, but there are additional images seen in previous blogs that have been posted throughout 2010.

Meet the authors:

Russ Behnke, from Connecticut, USA, is a second generation mineral collector and mineral dealer. His chapter features classic American and South American classics specimens with a specialty showing fine amethyst.

Matteo Chinellato from Italy is widely regarded as the world's best close-up mineral photographer, mineral and meteorite collector. His chapter features European rare minerals which are rarely seen in photographs and which are truly astonishing for their beauty and sharpness.

Jeff Collins and Val Collins are father and son mineral collectors and mineral dealers from New York, USA, but who have separate mineral businesses. Jeff and Val have always appreciated unusual crystal shapes, rare minerals, and gem crystals, especially if they are from the USA.

Brice Gobin and Christophe Gobin are second generation mineral collectors and mineral dealers, originally from France, but now living in Dubai. They specialize in going to remote regions to acquire beautiful minerals.

 Dona Leicht and Wayne Leicht are mineral collectors and mineral dealers from California, USA. Their company, Kristalle, specializes in fine minerals with an emphasis on gold specimens. Their chapter shows only gold crystals.

Steve Neely is a private mineral collector who specializes in fine display minerals. His primary love includes the minerals of the Elmwood District in his home state of Tennessee, USA. His chapters is a connoisseur's choice of the finest display specimens from Elmwood.

Mario Pauwels is a life-long mineral collector from Belgium. His collection features specimens specifically chosen for their aesthetic merit. The specimen in his chapter illustrate the attention to detail necessary to chosing fine specimens.

Keith Proctor and Mauna Proctor of Colorado, USA are lifelong mineral collectors and mineral dealers. Their numerous exhibits at the Tucson Show are legendary for their excellence and awards. Their chapters feature a wide selection of the mineral kingdom, many they have never revealed before.

Scott Rudolph is a private mineral collector from New York, USA. His interests include the best minerals available. His philosophy tends toward the classic species in the history of mineralogy as well as the modern greats.

Robert Snyder and Stephanie Snyder and mineral collectors and mineral dealers from Connecticut, USA. Their cover specimen is an astonishing galena on fluorite from the USA.

Laurent Thomas is a college-trained geologist from France, now mostly haunting the great mineral localities of Madagascar. His love of the remarkable color-zoned tourmalines of that country shows through in the selection of specimens in his chapter.

Donna Wilensky and Stuart Wilensky are mineral collectors and mineral dealers of New York, USA. They have a love for remarkable display minerals and specialize in exceptional mineral specimens from around the world.

Stephan Woldsfried is a private mineral collector from Germany. He is well-known as one of the great photomicrographers in the world. His huge images of phosphate mineral micromounts from a single location, Hagendorf, will convert many people to enjoy this aspect of mineral collecting.

Paradise Woods is a private mineral collector from the USA. He has been a frequent benefactor of major mineral magazines and has published mineral posters of some of his fine specimens as a complement to the Mineralogical Record.