Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Last Month

     There's still time to send in your subscription for a chapter in Nature's Garden of Crystals. Two major US collectors and one from Europe just joined and images are coming in. How does the process work?

     Each author gets 15 full-page gallery pages for mineral photos and a page of introduction where they get to tell about their philosophy, biography, or the allure of particular minerals and localities. There will be a chapter on Hagendorf and another on the Elmwood mine. Many authors have chosen to have more than one chapter as they had much to say and needed more space.

     Images need to be large enough to print without pixellation. Photos which are 5 megabytes or more are safe candidates. Jpg or tiff formats accepted. Files can be sent by email attachment while text and captions may be in the body of the email or in a Word file. First layouts are generally available the next day so each author can design their order of presentation. Many have sent in their images first and fill-in the blank captions from the pdf that is sent containing their layout. Each chapter starts on a right-hand page so there is no overlap with another chapter. All chapters contain an even number of pages and therefore end on a right-hand page. Books will be sent to the printer in November and will be for sale at the Tucson Show.

     Chapters are less expensive than two pages in a major mineral magazine: $3500. Each paid subscriber is entitled to 50 copies of the hard-bound book. Please see the FAQs for general ideas, although some additional leeway is now offered compared with the beginning stages of the project. Note: Each blog post contains images which will also be in the book.