Tuesday, August 21, 2012

     Maine Feldspar Families and Feuds is a history of feldspar mining in Maine and a history of the mining communities and includes biographies of people who were the life-long participants. The book is filled with 548 photographic illustrations, newly drawn maps, etc. The binding is hard cover and the pages are sewn in signatures. Virtually all of the images have not been published before. Copies of Maine Feldspar, Families, and Feuds are available in selected Maine bookstores or from the author @ $19.95 and $4.95 shipping and packaging. Personal check or PayPal accepted. Credit cards may be processed at PayPal with payment to my email address or inquiries to: n e w r y q s @ g m a i l . c o m (Be sure to remove spaces between letters as the address is expanded for easier viewing and to prevent spam harvesters.)

Pocket beryl, Bumpus Quarry, Albany, Maine  6 cm tall.
Development dynamite blast at Crooker Quarry, Newry, Maine
West Paris, Maine 1892
Feldspar Mill, Topsham, Maine 1950s
Railroad station, Bethel, Maine 1940s
Porcelain kilns, East Liverpool, Ohio c1910
Route of the Portland Pipe Line, Waterford, Maine
Loading platform, Perham Quarry, February, 1926
West Paris Feldspar Mill, February, 1926
Mining at the Bumpus Quarry, Albany, Maine,1928
L-R Shavey Noyes, Tim Heath, Tig the dog, Noyes Mountain Quarry, Greenwood, Maine, c1900

Hanness Hakala, Mount Marie Quarry, Paris, Maine 1949

Snakehole shot to dynamite rocks

L-R Edwin, Ruth Ann, and Harlan Bumpus and their mining truck, 1920s

Togus Veteran's Hospital, c1905

Interior of West Paris Feldspar Mill, February 1926